We hope that during their stay at Casa de Trillo our guests enjoy rest, our facilities and surroundings. That's why we make these house rules available in order to offer our best hospitality.

1.CHECK-IN. Check-in on the first day will be at 15:30 hours and before 20:00 hours. In case of NO SHOW, that is to say, the customer not being present at Casa de Trillo on the date of commencement of their stay, according to the established check-in times and without previously cancelling the service, the booking will be kept until 22:00 hours and will be cancelled if during such time there has been no news from the guest.

2.REGISTERING. All guests must register in accordance to guidelines set out by authorities and pay for contracted services on arrival or provide credit card details.

3.DEPARTURE. Rooms must be vacated before 12:00 on the date of departure.

4.ROOM CLEANING. Room cleaning will take place between 9:00 and 14:00. Soiled towels must be left inside the bath or shower cubicle.

a.To make a booking you must enquire about availability and provide a 40% deposit of the total ammount. The customer must receive confirmation of their booking. Those who provide this deposit will have a firm booking. The prices are those that appear on the establishment's official website (

b.Bookings with travel vouchers or similar. These types of bookings will only be accepted if made through their respective booking centres. These vouchers won't be accepted if not made through these booking centres.

c.Changes to bookings. Both parties must be in agreement and they must be made in writing (email, fax). Changes will be accepted as long as they are made in advance and so they don't affect existing bookings on those dates.

a.If you need to bring the date of departure forward you must pay in full for the booked dates, albeit, the days can be postponed to another later date (within the following six months).

b.If the cancellation occurs with 15 days notice the total ammount of the booking will be refunded, minus the bank charges incurred. If the cancellation occurs between 15 and 7 days previous, the customer will lose 100% of the deposit, although they may use that deposit for another date (within the following six months), without losing that ammount. If the cancellation occurs with less than 7 days notice the customer will lose all the deposit.

7.BREAKFAST. Breakfast is home-made and includes fruit, olive oil, honey, jam, butter, orange juice, rustic bread toast, cheese or cured meats, sponge cake or buiscuits, coffee, milk or infusions. Breakfast times are between 8:30 and 10:30. The supplementary bed charge also includes breakfast for the guest occupying it.

8.SPECIAL DIETS. Any special dietary requirements guests have must be informed in advance, especially intolerances, so that special products may be made available.

9.ANIMALS. Conditions must be consulted in advance. At Casa de Trillo we accept small pets on the ground floor and we have two kennels. Animals are not allowed in the dining room or sitting room, nor are they allowed to disturb the rest of the guests.

10.SILENCE. This is a small hotel. We ask that you are not noisy and that after 24:00 hours it is quiet enough so as to allow for a night of rest.

11.OTHERS. It is forbidden to smoke inside the establishment. The illegal consumption of other substances is also forbidden.