Pancakes are typical during carnival (antroido). During this time they are eaten as an accompaniment to the cocido (Galician stew) and as a substitute for bread or dessert. It was customary for the women of the house to surround the hearth, with their pancake batter and dedicate the whole day to making pancakes on the stone (one has been preserved in Casa de Trillo) or griddle. There was always someone wanting to help to eat away at the pile. Today pancakes are consumed throughout the year.

Preparation time: ¾ hour
Difficulty: Low


(For four people)
· 4 eggs
· 15 spoonfuls of wheat flower
· Water
· Salt (a pinch)
· Oil, streaky pork or pork fat


Beat the four eggs well, add the flour and pinch of salt. Mix well to remove lumps. You can use a blender. Add water until the mixture becomes very loose (the looser it is the finer the pancakes).

Let the batter rest for about five minutes. Prepare the pan (pan, stone, griddle) Heat this and rub with oil, streaky pork or pork fat. Using a ladle pour the batter and extend it well over the pan. When it has browned on one side, turn over until done, remove and grease the pan again ready for the next.

There are many varieties of pancakes and what we add to the basic batter.

· Aniseed: add ½ a cup of aniseed liquier and milk.
· Milk: the batter has milk and water.
· Broth: using broth stock.
· Blood: Using a glass of pig blood and milk.
· Stuffed: Cream, honey, vegetables, seafood, etc.